How to Go About Driveway Paving

When the time comes to replace an old or damaged driveway, a homeowner has a choice of several different paving materials. Each material offers pros and cons, but some are better suited to specific climates and architectural styles than others. A professional driveway paving contractor can help guide a homeowner through the process of choosing a pavement material that is appropriate for the property and will last a long time.

Whether the driveway is to be constructed of a traditional poured concrete, asphalt, pavers or gravel, the first step in the process is always site preparation. This includes clearing the area of any existing surface, preparing the sub-grade and installing drainage systems if needed. In addition, depending on the chosen material, a survey must be performed to ensure that there are no underground utility lines in the location of the new driveway. This step is important because a major disruption to any utility line could be very costly to the homeowner.

Once the site is prepared, the foundation of the driveway can be installed. This is usually done with a layer of either “minus” or “plus” stone that is compacted in place using vibratory compaction equipment. The “minus” stone is crushed rock that is screened to remove any large stones. It is placed over the existing soil (or “sub-grade”) and is compacted into a firm layer. The “plus” stone is a crushed aggregate that is screened to remove any small stones. This is placed over the “minus” stone and is also compacted into a firm layer.

In addition to the choice of material, the next step is to choose a paver style. Pavers are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, with many options for color coordinating with the home or surrounding landscape. Some homeowners choose to construct a border of pavers in a different color or style than the main portion of the driveway to add a touch of individuality to the project.

Once the pavers have been selected, the next step is to decide on a pattern for the driveway. There are a variety of patterns that can be used for the pavers, and the paving professionals at Titan Pavers can advise the best choices based on the climate and type of driveway being built. In addition, the paving professionals can help the homeowner determine the proper thickness of the paver and base to ensure maximum strength and durability for the long term. The ideal thickness depends on many factors, including the slope of the driveway, the location and other variables. Typically, a three inch thick paver on top of a six inch base is recommended. This will provide a good balance between cost and durability. If you are considering replacing your existing driveway or building a new one, the experts at Titan Pavers can provide the highest quality materials and installation for your project. Contact the team today for more information or to schedule an appointment.