Avalon Writer

When the name Avalon is mentioned, it usually refers to a legend that tells of a mysterious island. However, it can also refer to a number of novels by Marion Eleanor Zimmer Bradley. Known as one of the best Arthurian fantasy authors, she is most famous for her series of books that begin with The Mists of Avalon.

Bradley’s novel Avalon is a prequel to her The Mists of Avalon. In it, we meet Argante, Guinevere’s daughter, who is raised in Avalon with the Daughters of Avalon. As the story progresses, Argante becomes a Lady of Avalon herself and tries to find her own way in a world of love, deceit, and murder.

The plot is fast-paced, and the writing is both confident and charming. In Avalon, Zink is able to balance the seriousness of her subject with a sense of humor that is both fresh and wry. This is a great story that I won’t forget any time soon.

Since her debut, The Wallcreeper, Nell Zink has become a writer to watch. Her work is often situated within a particular subculture (the environmental movement in The Wallcreeper, the anarchist squats in Nicotine, and the music industry in Doxology) and she satirises them while mining them for quirky details.

Her latest book, Avalon, reflects this style, and it is also a YA novel. It is not quite a coming-of-age story, but it is a novel that is about young people in a world of adults who have a hard time understanding them.

This is a gripping story about a drug cartel, and it is beautifully written with the kind of detail that makes you want to turn the page over and over. It is also a story about love, and the way that the main characters Alex and Sofie relate to each other is handled with great skill. Their troubled relationship is charted with great inner dialogue and detail, and their difficult decisions are explained in an easy to understand way.

The novel is a bit messy in places, and it does feel a little too long, but overall, Avalon Writer is a well-crafted book that manages to evoke a whole world with vivid detail. The characters are compelling and the story is full of twists and turns that will keep you reading until the end. Avalon is a must read for anyone who enjoys a good thriller.